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Asbestos and other hazardous materials have historically been used in a broad range of construction materials, requiring management to comply with occupational health and safety legislative requirements. Asbestos products also enter soils resulting in contamination as a result of poor demolition or management practices, which also requires management.


Assessing and managing these risks are essential for proponents when considering the acquisition of a site, the occupation or use of a building or property, or for contractors undertaking earthworks, construction, or building works. The Origin team of hygiene professionals have the experience necessary to assist our clients manage all of these scenarios, with staff holding qualifications including:

  • Certified Occupational Hygienist

  • Licensed Asbestos Assessor

  • CPCCBC5014A Conduct Asbestos Assessment Associated with Removal

  • CPCCBC4051A Supervise Asbestos Removal

  • CPCCBC4051A Remove Non-Friable Asbestos

Origin offers a comprehensive range of services in relation to asbestos and hazardous materials assessment and management, including:

  • Inspection and Surveys

  • Asbestos Asset Registers

  • Identification, Sampling and Testing of asbestos and hazardous materials

  • Asbestos in Soils site investigations (PSI, DSI)

  • Management Plans and Risk Assessments

  • Expert review of contractor documentation

  • Preparation of site-specific HSE plans and documentation

  • Procurement and supervision of licensed subcontractors

  • Remediation supervision and project management

  • Monitoring and Clearance Certificates for remediation and removal

  • Closure and Compliance Reporting

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