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Robust and thorough assessment and reporting are essential in developing a detailed understanding of constraints and opportunities for any project impacted by land contamination.


Origin has undertaken contamination assessments for some of the largest and highest risk infrastructure, Defence and construction projects in Australia. Our ability to deploy and coordinate large project teams to gather and interpret data, and prepare reports in a timely and accurate fashion, allows our clients to make fast and informed decisions.

Our value proposition is the integration of technical expertise with broader project requirements and objectives. The skill and experience of the Origin team, combined with a rich understanding of how our work integrates with other technical disciplines and commercial imperatives, ensures accurate and meaningful quantification of risks and liability associated with land contamination.

Origin offers the following contamination assessment and reporting services:

  • Conceptual Site Modelling (CSM)

  • Sampling, Analysis and Quality Plans (SAQP)

  • Phase 1 / Preliminary Site Investigation Reports (PSI)

  • Phase 2 / Detailed Site Investigation Reports (DSI)

  • Field investigations (planning / design, OHS and sub-contractor management)

  • Field and laboratory testing of soil, sediment, water, waste, air and gas

  • Expert interpretation of field and laboratory data

  • Soil and groundwater modelling

  • Human Health Risk Assessment

  • Ecological Risk Assessment

  • Remediation Action Plans (RAP)

  • Site Remediation and Validation Reports (SRV)

  • Site Management Plans (SMP)

  • Project management and multi-disciplinary delivery team integration

  • Regulator, stakeholder and community consultation

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