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Origin offers a point of difference by drawing on the collective Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Design experience of our team to develop conceptual ground models specific to project and site conditions.


We utilise a full range of ground investigation techniques and in situ testing and sampling methods to suit project geology and complexity, and routinely combine environmental investigation works to offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for our clients.

We help our clients manage risk and solve ground related challenges by developing robust models that reflect the anticipated ground conditions and describe the likely performance of the strata that influences the works.

We offer the following specialist geotechnical consulting services:


  • Site investigation

  • Ground modelling

  • Ground retention design, analysis, specification, and monitoring

  • Earthworks design, management and certification

  • Foundation design, analysis and specification

  • Ground improvement design, analysis and monitoring

  • Ground settlement design, analysis and monitoring

  • Geodata collection, processing and presentation

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